My analysis of finances, ETFs, and history.

The Modern Presidency

May 10, 2019

Incoming presidents quote from the “greats”—Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt (FDR). Ronald Reagan in 1980 had an advantage over FDR; he had a clear-cut vision of his goals.

Community Banks: Descriptions, Characteristics, and Outcomes

Dec. 7, 2017

Community bankers manage a small share of the banking system; nevertheless, they provide valuable services to farmers, consumers, and small business owners. Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, thinks that community banks prosper with less regulation. They will provide entrepreneurial capital--leading to more jobs, improving the economy. Since well-run community banks provide unique products and services, continuation appears certain with probable help coming soon in the form of relief from regulatory overkill by Dodd-Frank regulations of capital requirements and mortgages. The following sections will review research findings under the general themes of descriptions, characteristics, and outcomes.

Slave Insurrections Played Minor Role in the Texas Revolution

Oct. 31, 2017

The war for independence waged in 1835-1836 by Texas freedom fighters was in my opinion primarily necessitated by Mexican decrees abolishing slavery within its frontier states. Mexican hegemony in the area included an anti-slavery strategy in its new order of 1835 that erroneously depended upon actual slave insurrections as a military tool for creating an offensive against Texas militia.

German Soldiers Deserted and Settled in America After the War of Independence

Oct. 29, 2017

Historians believe that up to 5,000 German Mercenaries (Hessians) may have deserted and settled in America after the war for independance.

Vietnam: My Lai 4 Massacre (1968) What happened and the aftermath

Jan. 15, 2017

Charlie Company's lst Platoon commanded by Lieutenant William I. Calley was expecting trouble on March 16, 1968 when they were landed in the "Pinkville" area, located within Quang Ngai province in South Vietnam. They had been conducting "search and destroy" missions within the province without finding the Vietcong.

The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia

Jan. 9, 2017

“The Great Game,” the geopolitical struggle of high adventure and political intrigue for Central Asia between the expanding empires of Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia, infused with death and clandestine double-dealing, began at the dawn of the nineteenth century.

Benjamin Franklin and His Meld of Franco-American Interests Into Two Treaties

Dec. 27, 2016

To what extent was Benjamin Franklin responsible for the first two treaties between France and America? Although an American victory at the battle of Saratoga and other factors contributed to the signing of the first two Franco-American treaties, a preponderance of the evidence points to Benjamin Franklin as the linchpin for the meld of national interests.

Credit Default Swaps: The Eye of the Credit Hurricane

Dec. 13, 2016

CDSs are aimed at insuring their holders against defaults by the borrowers. The risk of default is transferred from the holder of the debt instrument to the seller of the CDS.

Views on Slavery at Convention of 1787 Guaranteed Republicanism

Dec. 13, 2016

Modern theorists such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke were also contemplated. Professor William E. Nelson (1987, 466-67) writing exactly two hundred years after the Constitutional Convention says that in order to capture the spirit of reason at the Convention one needs to refer to Rousseau’s concept of the general will

Political Leadership Under the Shadow of FDR

Dec. 13, 2016

The president of the United States is the most powerful person on the face of the earth. Although the average American inattentively appraises presidential leadership, the president’s standing and legacy depends upon our consensus.

The Constitution and the Reconstructive Presidents

Dec. 13, 2016

Abraham Lincoln understood that the U. S. Constitution broadly endowed him with the opportunity for leading his countrymen as their agent of political change.

The Destiny of Groundwater Rights in Texas

Dec. 13, 2016

A groundwater right is a recognized property right in Texas. This water right can be sold, leased, or transferred to another person. Therefore, the law of groundwater rights determines who can use the water, in what quantities, and for what purposes, and often specifies when and where the water can be used.

Evidence of “Bennett Hypothesis”

Dec. 9, 2016

Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards. The total surpasses $1 trillion dollars with nearly 40% of those between the ages of 20 and 40 have student debt

Potential “Net Exports” for the United States Garnered from Free Trade Tempered by Efficient Trade Policies

Nov. 16, 2016

U.S. policymakers should enact what kind of trade policies without unduly lessening free trade’s contribution to economic growth? The candidates heatedly debate issues about global trade including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), NAFTA and domestic tariffs.

Private Equity Funds: Investment Enigma So Caveat Emptor

Dec. 18, 2015

Limited partners are not always rewarded with abnormal returns in private equity deals. Frequently general partners can charge substantial fees leading to net losses overtime. This leaves a burden on investors to know what is in a PE agreement before investing.

Price Behavior Around Ex-Dividend Day for ETFs

Oct. 23, 2015

ETFs exhibited some favorable attributes compared to the CEFs and matched equities. For example, ETFs had lower transaction costs and lower risks than equity CEFs, and much lower risks than matched stocks based on dividend yield and various transaction cost measures.

Hedge Fund Activism Creates Shareholder Value

Oct. 19, 2015

Activism in companies by hedge fund investors creates value for the shareholders of a corporation.

Financial Management: Bundling or Not?

July 19, 2015

Should investors bundle the components of financial management services? We discuss the merits of hiring advisors with specialized knowledge of more than one service domain.

Comparison of Closed-end Funds to Similar Exchange Traded Funds: Effects

July 12, 2015

Introducing an ETF that covers the same underlying assets as a CEF creates multiple predicable effects on the CEF.

Index Mutual Funds and Exchange-traded Funds: Structural Distinctions

July 12, 2015

The individual needs of each investor plays a major role in the type of structure investments should have to be considered for inclusion in their portfolio.

An Assessment of the Liquidity Issues of ETFs

July 12, 2015

A brief look at recent research examining the relationship between liquidity and the mispricing of ETFs.

Commonality in the Mispricing of ETFs

July 12, 2015

Research verifies the existence of commonality in the mispricing of U.S ETFs

Caveat Investor - Mispricing within ETFs

July 12, 2015

ETFs may not match their price to their net asset values. The investor should take caution with certain funds.

Leveling the Playing Field Between Mutual and ETF Index Funds

July 12, 2015

ETF managers strive to insure their funds track underlying component securities.

An Analysis of ETF Tracking Errors, Liquidity of Indices, and Correlation

July 12, 2015

A study of 845 exchange traded funds on US exchanges show less liquid indices incurred larger absolute tracking errors.

Abnormal Returns with Momentum - Contrarian Strategies using ETFs

July 12, 2015

Momentum and Contrarian strategies constitute anomalies used by investors seeking abnormal returns. Abnormal returns range from 8.4 to 13.5 percent over 4 to 39 week holding periods.

Characteristics of Bond ETF Returns

July 12, 2015

The bond ETFs can display large changes in returns unrelated to market changes which adroit investors should be able to capitalize on.

Country Funds - Their ETF Characteristics

July 12, 2015

Since ETFs are derivative securities, their sponsors have distinct choices to make about the selection of the underlying indexes upon which to base theirl ETFs

Investors Should Use Caution with Some Exchange Traded Funds

July 12, 2015

Investors should take caution with some exchange traded funds, ETFs.

Competition Among Incumbent ETFs, New ETFs, and Mutual Funds

July 12, 2015

Competition among etfs and mutual funds can be improved. It is noted that when mutual funds and etfs follow the same indexes returns are indistinguishable.